post-apocalypse shenanigans (brynwulf) wrote in spn_research,
post-apocalypse shenanigans

Malaysian vampires and ghouls

My favorite is the Self-Segmenter and I think Sam and Dean would have a helluva good time trying to figure her out.  She could slide into houses through their electrical sockets even and no one would know how the heck the monster got inside. Anyway, this was too good not to share. :)
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In the Philippines, we also have the aswang myth. We call the self-segmenter manananggal, which sort of means "removing" or "remover". S/he's also a viscera sucker, and feeds on the unborn too.

The one that kills with her oversized breasts would probably be something up Dean's alley, especially if she looks young and beautiful. There should be fic about that XD